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Electronic Scoreboard

Using Your Scoreboard to Show Videos and TV

It doesn't make much sense to spend a lot of money on an LED Scoreboard than can't display video.
With today's technology, your scoreboard should be able to show quality videos as a standard feature without paying even one extra dollar. Shop around until you find a supplier who offers this feature within the specifications of their standard scoreboards.
Of course if you are buying an ALPHA NUMERIC scoreboard you most defintely won't be able to show videos, sponsors' ads or goal animations.
Today, most club scoreboards are designed using full colour-full graphic LED panels and quality boards will incorporate a fully functional computer embedded within the scoreboard. This computer, along with its graphic processing abilities, will be able to display excellent videos.

Electronic Scoreboard

The picture above, taken in Ballarat, was using our old trailer screen with a 16mm Pixel Pitch. Today we have upgraded to a screen with a 10mm Pixel Pitch and the movies present brilliantly.
Remember to check in on our notes about Pixel Pitch as there are still pirates out there selling screens with a Virtual Pixel Pitch using video enhancement circuits to achieve a much lower quality result.
There is a small amount of inconvenience.
You have to take your movie, saved to a memory stick, walk over to your scoreboard, plug it in, and press play.
You have to plug your speakers in so that you have audio.
If you can handle that amount of inconvenience then you can hold a video night.
A lot of the clubs with a TecnoVISION scoreboard have purchased their add-on so that they can show live TV. The add-on costs around $400.00 and you need an aerial and set-top box.