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Digital Display Engineering

Digital Display Engineering

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Full Service Digital Displays and Electronic Scoreboards Supply & Service

DDE (Digital Display Engineering) has earned a strong and irrefutable reputation in the Australian marketplace for Electronic Scoreboards with many local and interstate installations.

Any user of a DDE Scoring System immediately appreciates the ease of operating the best software available and if they look behind what’s displayed on the desktop, they will find the best hardware of any, worldwide.

We use only the best LED lights which we control with the best Driver Chips.

And our Nova Control System is the best available.


Will our scoreboard be readable in full sunlight?

A DDE scoreboard uses only DIP or Through Hole LEDs.
We do not use the cheaper Surface Mount, SMD or 3 in 1 LEDs.
We guarantee performance in the brightest sunlight.

How do we guarantee the wireless communications will work over the distance?

DDE use the highest quality Ubiquiti commercial wireless systems.
Rated up to 5 KM the short 200 mtrs across a footy field is no problem.

How do we show club logos and sponsor’s adverts?

A standard DDE scoreboard comes with software which uses a powerful database to store logos and ads.

Logos are automatically loaded with the team names.

Play list for sponsors ads can be turned on/off with one click.

How much should we pay for a scoreboard?

There are some cheap scoreboards around which don’t have the ability to last the distance or handle upgrades.

A DDE quote will be very competitive when compared with the major players in this industry.

Can I interface Total Cricket, Play Cricket or the new NV Play Scoring & Management Programs?

Yes. DDE software has powerful interfaces for connecting these programs to the scoreboard.

Cricket Australia’s new Bluetooth BLE interface is also available as a standard.



Sporting Events

Digital Display Engineering

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Service: 24/7
Office: 8am – 6pm M-F


Our Standard Scoreboards include in the price the following features:

  • Scoring for Cricket and Football
  • Sponsors’ Advertising & Scrolling Messages
  • Automatic Goal Animations
  • Connection to My Cricket
  • Ability to show movies (Audio System an additional cost)
  • Reliable industrial strength Wireless System


Our Premier Systems include:

  • Immediate scoring to multiple scoreboards
  • Immediate scoring from multiple grounds
  • Updating of clubroom screens
  • Live updating to club web sites
  • Player Statistics


Electronic Advertising Screens

DDE have some very prominent sites in the outdoor advertising industry.
Our range includes high resolution screens for indoor use as well as economical products for pylon mounting.
Control can be over the internet or 5G networks.
Total feedback of functions and status is standard.


Structural Design and Installation

DDE has a depth of experience in designing and installing structures for scoreboards and advertising screens.

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